GENERAL A sleek pack with a smart volume for lighter missions, or use in urbanized areas. The Front Access (FA) feature offers the option to quickly grab equipment. Loops inside on the back panel can optionally be used to attach a MMPS Radio Pad, keeping the radio nicely stowed against the inside back of the rucsac. Antenna, cables etc. can be fed through openings at the top of the rucsac body.

FEATURES •Cyclops II back system •Front access •Hidden mesh pocket in front access panel to stow a helmet or jacket etc. •Loops on the inside of the back panel to attach MMPS Radio Pad •Comes without side pockets, but with zippers to attach any pocket •Other features same as Crusader

Artikel NR

  • LV00089-C01             Cedar
  • LV00089-S38             Coyote


FABRIC, DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Main Body: Armadura 1000D Dimensions: Appr. 75cm (H) x 37cm (W) x 25cm (D) Appr. 3175g


SIZES 1, 2, 3, 4

COLOURS C01 Cedar EB1 Earth Brown

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