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Connexis Go
Carefree on the move in all weathers: Connexis Go - the waterproof leisure shoe for maximum comfort!

Full energy and noticeably more power. A pull on the tape stimulates the fasciae in the sole of your foot. This activates the muscular system and boosts performance by reducing negative impacts on your muscles and joints.

More freedom. All CONNEXIS models are designed on a last that mimics the natural shape of your feet. It allows you to stand firmly and does not constrict your feet.

The insole of the CONNEXIS Go and CONNEXIS Air models is designed with trigger points that provide additional fascia stimulation.

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Upper Material
Highly breathable textile/microfi ber material.

Inner lining
GORE-TEX®: waterproof and highly breathable. No water can penetrate and sweat evaporates in the form of water vapour. Abrasion-resistant inner lining with maximum climate comfort.

Comfortable, damping and moisture wicking. Separate heel cup ensures good foot guidance. „Perfect-Fit“ marking for optimal check of the correct shoe size. Washable at 30 °C.

HAIX® Absorption
Damping with damping wedge integrated into the sole. The Energy Return PU midsole absorbs and releases energy back to the wearer with every step.

Durable sole
Rubber compound for long durability.

Extremely high slip resistance with low wear due to special rubber and innovative sole construction. Slats and specially bevelled sole elements ensure optimum grip as well as high agility and stability on slippery and wet surfaces. A lightweight PU cushioning wedge provides excellent running characteristics. Very good insulation against cold, fuel-resistant and non-marking.

By pulling on the fascia tape, the fasciae in the sole of the foot are lightly stimulated to reduce negative effects on the musculoskeletal system and maintain performance. Anatomical last supports the natural function of the feet. The insole has nubs with a structure and function similar to a fascia ball, which stimulate the plantar fascia while walking.

HAIX® Anti Slip
Very good adhesion on different terrain due to the profi le design and the special rubber used.

HAIX® Smart Lacing System
Smooth and pressure-free adjustment of the boot to the foot, quick lock and lace pocket.

Elastic laces for easier on and off and even better fi t to the foot.

Lightweight, metal-free, soft shaft end for comfortable slipping in and out- GORE® Stretch strap construction allows the shoe to adapt individually to the foot in the instep area

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HAIX-360001 - CONNEXIS Go GTX low grey-orange

HAIX-360003 - CONNEXIS Go GTX low grey-lightning

HAIX-360004 - CONNEXIS Go GTX low black-silver

HAIX-360005 - CONNEXIS Go GTX low navy-grey